In October 2017 some of our Community Members were sent a startling notification from Facebook that a link you previously shared from may have been malicious. As a result of this, Facebook removed these posts from your timeline and the Elliott’s Estate Sales Facebook page was temporarily restricted.

We received a call from Facebook Advertising Support to help us understand what was happening. It was explained that a security feature detected a pattern related to how many users were sharing a link to our website in a short period of time.

Our temporary restrictions were lifted and our issue with sharing links from was raised to an engineer with Facebook.

As it turns out, this request took quite some time to address. This week we were informed by Facebook Engineering that we experienced a false positive. Our links should have never been removed or restricted.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal Facebook friends in the Elliott’s Estate Sales Comunity Group and on the Elliott’s Estate Sales Page. Without your help, we may have experienced an even longer wait to resolve this issue. Continue to share your feedback with us on our Facebook page and receiving Facebook notifications from Elliott’s Estate Sales. We now have a direct and open line of communication with Facebook and we intend to work very closely with our Facebook Advertising Partner moving forward.

As always, we appreciate your business.

Justin Elliott

Elliott’s Estate Sales

405-757-4001 / 918-928-7534

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