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Proudly owned and operated by a 5th generation Oklahoman.

Folks a lot of things have changed over the years,

but Elliott’s Estate Sales is still helping families sell

their home, business and personal property.

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What Elliott Does

At Elliott’s, liquidations are events to dispose of a substantial personalty. My clients look to me to liquidate their Real Estate, and all their treasures: Automobiles, fine jewelry firearms collection, coins, gold, antiques, and any other substantial assets.

This can be stressful time on most folks. One call to me, and I will create a plan for you to sell your home or business as one unit, or I will liquidate the unwanted personalty. Whether a small abode, large mansion, or warehouse I can help at 405-757-4001 or 918-928-7534

I treat folks with kindness, and professionalism throughout the process. Since 2012, I’ve created a large following of regular shoppers to my live, local, liquidations, real estate & personal property auctions, and commercial liquidations.

Hundreds and Hundreds of Oklahomans Served

A lot has changed over the years, but Elliott’s Estate Sales continues to provide quality estate liquidation services when folks need help the most. Family owned and proud to serve the great state of Oklahoma.

Why Should I Choose

Elliott’s Estate Sales?

When you’re closing the estate of a loved one Elliott’s Estate Sales can help you sell it all. The liquidation process can be overwhelming, Elliott is dedicated to handling everything from the sale of the house, an estate’s personal belongings, – to liquidating tens-of-thousands of feet in commercial equipment and property and the building.   

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Days To Complete Liquidation

* On average, we can prepare, price, and complete your estate sale in seven (7) days. Additional services may extend this estimate.

Elliott’s Estate Sales handled my Mother’s estate and did an awesome job. We were emotionally drained after her funeral. Elliott’s was experienced and took care of all the details when we were overwhelmed.


– Carolyn Coble, Past Client

We have worked with Elliott’s Estate Sales several times and my clients love them!! Very professional, organized, and friendly & professional staff! Definitely five stars from us!


– Steve Webb, Keller Williams Realty

Elliott Estate Sales recently assisted my family. His staff was professional, courteous, and sensitive to our feelings. I can wholeheartedly recommend Elliott Estate Sales.


– Brian Boggs, Past Client

I had seen lots of good reviews on Facebook for Elliott’s so gave them a call. answered all my questions, set the sale up very nicely, and was successful. I highly recommend!


– Cari Ogden, Past Client

From the Blog

Over the years, Elliott has made huge contributions to antiques, collectibles, and furniture publications in print and online. Elliott has been able to create an extensive online research database from his experience. He also finds time to lecture and speak about collectibles and the estate sale process at retirement homes, community events, and more.

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Benefits of Body Cams for Security at Estate Sales

At Elliott's Estate Sales the security of our team members, shoppers, and property of our client is an evolving challenge. As the business has grown over the years, a question we invariably asked: how do we offer video surveillance without the expense and labor of...

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