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Bluff Creek Estate Sale

June 17-18, 2017

This sale has closed.


This sale has closed.
We appreciate your business.

2PM-3PM 25% OFF

1PM-3PM 50% OFF
3PM-4PM 75% OFF


Join us in NW OKC at our Bluff Creek Estate Sale!

Rolex 18Kt gold & stainless steel Oyster Quartz Model 17013, Kimball executive desk set, drafting table, book selves, lots of hard back books and office supplies.

Remington 1100 Shotgun 12 gauge
Remington 581 Bolt Action Rifle 4X Scope
Ithaca model 37 Shotgun 12 gauge
Ithaca model 37 20 Pump Action gauge

Kitchenware, dining set, leather sofa and chair, queen size bed, executive men’s clothing, (suits, dress shirts, leather shoes, ties) artwork, washer, dryer, electric tools, side by side refrigerator.

Hand tools, garden tools, lawn mower, 94′- now Playboy Collection, grill, two men’s estate diamond rings, four shot guns, a rifle, ammo, binoculars, oriental wall art and so much more…

Jewelry and fire arms will be held off-site until June 17-18 for security reasons. Oklahoma County Sheriff will be on-site at all times.

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PLEASE SHARE!!! Join us this weekend at 5509 NW 111th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73162. SATURDAY 9AM-3PM and SUNDAY 1PM-4PM. PLEASE SHARE!!!

Posted by Elliott's Estate Sales on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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