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Estate Sale Check List

1. Review Our Services.

Our company has the capacity to handle ALL SIZES of liquidations. Liquidation is what we do full time. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. We also offer very competitive commission. We will not be under cut, if you receive a written bid from a competing estate sale company we will match it, beat it or give you $250 cash. All of our services are done, at no upfront cost.

2. Read Our Testimonials.

Our business is built from referrals and word of mouth. All of our reviews can be verified on our Facebook page. In most cases, with permission, reference’s contact information is available by request. Absolutely all of our reviews are real.

3. Don't Toss Anything!

We know this can be hard. The house may not be cleaned, there might be expired food in the refrigerator or you may just be overwhelmed with receipts, boxes and trash. Let us decide what’s trash and what’s not, after all that’s what we do for you.

4. What Are You Keeping?

In some cases you’ll need to remove the items not for sale prior to us preparing the estate sale. If it’s just a few items we can either mark them sold or move to a blocked off room in the house. Please take all personal items, pictures, tax documents and checkbooks. (If we find these items we will set them aside and let you know to pick them up before or after the sale.)

5. Commission? Flat Rate?

We prefer to charge for our services by a commission rather than flat rates. Companies who operate by flat rates don’t have your best interest at heart. Since they are guaranteed the flat rate they won’t care about your valuables fetching the highest amount possible.

6. Have An Evaluation.

After you have decided everything you want to keep from the sale, have an estate liquidator come to the home to do an evaluation. Ask them about their selling techniques, discounting, record keeping, what type of payment they accept and how soon you can expect payment after the sale.

The Estate Sale Checklist

We are always asked what you need to do to prepare for your estate sale. Here’s our suggested agenda for a successful sale.

7. Choose A Liquidator.

This is the most important step. You only have one chance to choose the right company. Make sure you are comfortable with them and their selling methods.

8. Save The Date!

Set a date for the sale. Sometimes dates must be changed so be flexible if possible. It will all work out.

9. Lets Work Together.

Successful sales depend on the client and the liquidator working together. In the end, you will be grateful that someone else did the hard work and everything went to a good home.

10. Step Back and Relax.

Step back and let the professionals do their work. They are the experts here, so let them do their job. If you have questions, be calm and upfront with concerns. We can solve anything with communication, most problems can be solved or they go away on their own.

11. After The Sale.

Leftovers should be organized or boxed. You can arrange for the charity of your choice to pick up the leftovers at your convenience. We do offer cleanout services and will be happy to tell you about them and how affordable they it is to let us do the clean-up afterward.

12. Cash The Check!

When the sale is over….Cash the check and take a vacation. You deserve it!

The Estate Sale Checklist

We are always asked what you need to do to prepare for your estate sale. Here’s our suggested agenda for a successful sale.

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